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RFAF 2019 Campus Host Program  



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Campus Host

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One College has been graduating more involvement in the blockbusters

Living Arts graduates have been working on the leading games and at the independent studios for over 27 years! Twenty-five years ago we were ahead of our time, but we hardly knew it. At that time, we were a media production group creating video walls + multimedia sideshows on our Oxberry animation stand + filming breakthrough technology in the Australian outback
+ producing Las Vegas industrial theater + designing theater spaces + creating plans for a school that would be the future of media education. With this kickoff, Living Arts College was created in 1992.


It was the natural extension from the founding team of the production studio Communication Arts. The same producer/director team would dedicate the mission of the school to preparing graduates with the ONE essential skillset ... the ONE essential toolset required to grow their talent beyond usual classroom study-deliver EXTREME CREATIVITY at the studio level!

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