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RFAF Campus Host Program  

At NCSU on Centennial Campus 


Engineering Building III, opened in 2010, provides a state-of-the-art platform for NC State students and faculty to make the next generation of mechanical, aerospace and biomedical breakthroughs. The 248,000-square-foot building houses the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the NC State-UNC Department of Biomedical Engineering. The new building contains approximately 80 laboratories, two wind tunnels, a flight test cell, anechoic chambers, and classrooms and offices for faculty and graduate students.

The facility also has the first “green” roof on Centennial Campus. The unique feature, which tops the building’s high bay annex, features drought-resistant plants and saves on heating and cooling costs. The roof is part of a university-wide effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and boost sustainability.

The Hunt Library Story (updated)

The Hunt Library Story (updated)

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The Hunt Library Story 

On April 3, 2013, North Carolina State University officially dedicated the James B. Hunt Jr. Library.  

The James B. Hunt Jr. Library is more than the 21st-century face of NC State. It's a place where ideas become reality and bold ambition forges beautiful solutions to global challenges. Setting a new benchmark for architecturally inspiring and technologically sophisticated learning and collaborative spaces, the Hunt Library is designed to be a decisive competitive edge for the university, an institution that has forged its reputation by teaching students to live on the fore of change and enabling its researchers to do transformative work.


Meet the people behind this incredible library in "The Hunt Library Story."

For information on using the library, see the NCSU Libraries website.  

See the best learning and collaboration space in the country through the eyes of the people that use it. Video produced by Particle Productions  

Become A Host Campus 

If your collage would love to work with our team to bring the worlds top 100 and the largest arts event of its kind to your campus. Please contact us today.  

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