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 "Experience is the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Our mentors impact the youth by passing on the fundamentals in the arts and sciences." 

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About Us

Our 5 week-long programs include: 

  • Experienced mentors 

  • A variety of topics and session dates to choose from 

  • One 60 - 90 min live video sessions per week. 

  • Asynchronous assignments direct online feedback and question answering.

  • A personalized approach to learning with small cohort sizes and personalize communication with instructors  (cohort limited to 5 students per course)

  • Courses that target fundamental topics

  • Emphasis on exploration and a finished product

  • Presentation Practice

  • Certificate issued upon successful completion of each course 



All of the courses are custom designed by the instructors for the highest impact.
The courses follow the high-impact 1-2-3 formula of:  

  1. The instructor introduces the student to a set of high-impact foundational principles. 

  2. The student explores the principles (exploration assignments are assigned between sessions)

  3. The student creates or produces a product

If you have more RASA questions

Please contact Program Director

Tim Rose 


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